When May was just weanling I thought about buying her. In the end I purchased Bandit because I needed something to use in posse. Two years later, by chance, Pamela emailed me and made me an offer I could NOT refuse. When I realized it was May I jumped on the deal! I am more than excited to have my dream horse, a dunalino! I did some ground work with her then saddled her up! It was as if she were already broke to ride. Her first ride was in an indoor but after that she was out on the trails around the rive! Her 2nd time with a saddle on I took her out for a night ride around the river! May has given rides to special needs, children, and novice with no problems. May is my go to horse and has a very special place in my heart! She came from Seeley Lake, Montana! Thank you so much Pamela of 2C Paints for this once in a lifetime chance!

She goes back to many greats in her pedigree! Greats like Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, Poco Lena, Peppy San, Leo San, Peppy Belle, King Fritz, Zan Par Bar, and Fritz Command just 5 gens back!


Sire: Smarty San Chex

Dam: BKT Zans Cool Mandy